May 2, 2012. 8:19pm


Gun cocked. Safety off.



Good riddance and Good night!

Seven years. I say to myself again Seven years! smh. How could I have held this back for so long, when every day since then life has been begging for me to let it go. I guess it’s true when they say “you don’t know how strong you are, until strong is what you must be!”

It’s strange you see, how that night really took so much from me. A Traumatizing experience and spiritual grandeur shattered. but what death took from me God has restored as each year has dawned anew. Giving me a new life, a new found purpose, and more than enough reason to fight until the end! You want to know my story, well the time is here!

On the night where I made a promise and recommitment to God at my home church, destruction came to end my life and stop me in my tracks. As a young man a mere age of eighteen, I was the first of many to lead those who are after God’s own heart. On this very same night I was faced with life and death itself, held hostage at gun point on my church grounds with nothing but Faith in my heart, mind, body and soul. Hands up!! I began to yell! “PLEASE DONT DO THIS! PLEASE PUT THE GUN DOWN! PLEASE LET MY FAMILY GO!” Standing there willing to give my life for my mother, my father, and my little sister. Ready to pay the cost of all I had done while allowing God to use me.

Im unsure if it was the hate in this preachers eyes or the greed of wanting what I possessed that made him take my life. But He just stood there with no words to say, nothing but pure anger and determination to end my life. And for a while, I actually started to believe that I was dead, sleeping, resting in the great abyss, when actually God was fueling me for the distance I am now prepared to run!

They say the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy those who are of the Lord. But what is that really saying? See I’ve come to realize that God finds you, when you want to be found. He creates you, when you want to be re-born. And He’s there with you, even after everyone else is gone.

So Let this be a message to put an end to gun violence and an end to what you knew about me! May your Faith grow stronger, may You love Harder, and fight each day! God Bless and God’s speed!

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