Each day of our lives is open for opportunities of change and faith. Doorways open and new paths beckon the call of an ascending journey that tells the tale of late. Perspectives shift and destiny unfolds. Often times we walk through life without knowing who we are or what we were ultimately created to do. We must know, without a shadow of a doubt, that We are God’s children. We must understand that we are His chosen people. Our lives were designed in unique favor to give light or hope for who we can become and for who we know ourselves to be. More than Conquerors! Survivors! And although times may seem indurate, calamity may run amuck, destruction and fear may have its way; It’s Love, that is still the eternal flame which reignites faith and allows Joy to have its way. But that’s up to us. What will we do! How will we choose to live! And who will we decide to be! So choose now! Choose to remain strong, to live freely, but most importantly choose to Fight and Hope each day!